I have created this page as an information source on Volunteerism. 
 I have been volunteering for
a number of years. As an Elementary School student I was invovolved
with Girl Scouts, and volunteered time to help my neigbors shovel 
their driveways etc....
  In Junior High I began helping with Story hour at the Library, 
assisting with the Church Nursery and I was selected to attend the
Henry/Stark County Jr. High teen conferences in 7th and 8th grades.
  In High School I traveled to Colorado with my Church in 1992 to 
work with Habitat for Humanity, I worked with Christmas in April in
1994 and 1995, was a member of Peer Helpers from 1991-1995, where
we sponsored and presented programs such as: Youth Empowering Day,
Red Ribbon Week, AIDS Awareness, tutoring, food drives etc... I 
attended all four Henry/Stark County Sr. High Teen Conferences and
was selected as a Youth Facilitator and Presenter for the 1994 and 
1995 Jr. High Teen Conferences.  I also worked with Kdg students
an hour a day during the 1994-1995 school year.
  In college I have been involved with many service events through
Hall Government, Inter Hall Council, Circle K and WAVE.  In 1997 I
travled to South Carolina to work with Habitat for Humanity, 
Christmas of 1997 I helped sponsor the Angel Tree Program through
IHC in which we collected gifts for underprivilaged kids.  I'm a
member of AAPI(the American Association Of Premature Infants) and
i've worked to distrubute fliers and give talks on Premature Babies
i've also written letters in order to increase awareness on the needs
of Preemies. I've volunteered time at the Humane Society, with Meals
on Wheels, I'm working to collect Quilt Squares to distubute to 
Premature Babies and their families. I'm hoping to get a
Community Service group/program started through my Res Hall and I
as a Pen Pal to seriously and Chronically ill children and their 
families.  I also write stories for the kids and visit the hospital
to help them create stories, play games etc and I help them to write,
direct and act in plays and productions and I'm the IL state
director of Hats off For Cancer an organization that collects
and distrubutes hats to kids with Cancer.  

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