Dance Class Attire

Ballet:  leotard, tights(be sure to ask your teacher if
         there is a particular color they want you to wear)
         Hair in a bun or ponytail(if shoulder length or
         longer).  No jewlery, ballet slippers unless
         insturcted to wear pointe shoes.  

Tap:  Leotards and tights, unitards or jazz shorts and
       sports bras(if allowed).  Tap shoes.  Ask 
       whether they are to be heeled, or flat.  Hair pulled
       back, no jewlery.  

Jazz:  Same clothing as tap.  Leather or canvas jazz shoes.
       hair pulled back, no jewlery.  

                          Class Tips

arrive early in order to warm up properly
don't chew gum
pay attention
no talking
ask questions only when appropriate
bring neccesary items to class.  such as: hairbrush, bobby
pins, ribbons, extra elastic, needle, thread, water, extra
shoes, extra taps, a screwdriver etc...
its helpful to have a notebook where you can write down
new steps and combinations, this is especially helpful
when preparing for a recital or show.  
if criticized or told you are doing something wrong, don't
get upset.  Just listen and work harder to improve.  
**Remember if your instructor takes the time to correct
you, it means they know that you can do better and they
want to help you improve as a dancer.  

For five years now i've been an assistant teacher and i've
been teaching some of my own classes for two years now.
Here are some things i've learned:

Have a set schedule for warm ups, review, learning new steps
start on time, five minutes wasted every class can add up.
warm ups should be pre-planned and organized
have the basic choreagraphy to routines done outside of 
create an enviroment that promotes good work habits
pracitce as if you are performing
praise your dancers for a job well done, and critize 
let them know that pracitce is mandatory, they can schedule
appointments for other times
unexcused absences or tardiness can affect whether they 
dance or not.
no gum chewing
no talking
no jewlery
wear the proper attire, no baggy clothes or sweats

                          Rules for dancers

-be enthusiastic and positve
have an open mind
respect your teacher and classmates
be on time
be aware of others feelings
don't put someone down because they can't do something as 
well as you
realize that practices are for practicing
attend class regularly
pracice on your own
be in good shape
learn to accept criticism
say thank you when corrected
appreciate your teacher
accept responsobility if you make a mistake

If you go to competitions here are some tips on what
the judges will look for.

hair the same and neat
any items in hair should match
no jewlery
wear buns, hats, ect at the same level
no holes or wrinkles in costumes
heads up
look confident
be in shape
recover quickly after a mistake
look poised
bounce after kicks
toes pointed
even formations
knowledge of the dance
no one should stand out as being really good or really bad
shoulders back
dance from the center
good posture

This is also important when competing. When watching 
other groups perform, be attentive to them and do not talk,
or boo them etc... Also if you loose, accept defeat 
graciously, realize you did your best, vow to work harder
on weak spots and congratulate the winners.  Show good
sportsmanship at all times.

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