Todays stories will be dedicated to the unforgettable 1994
Honors choir and band tour of Texas!!!!

Way back in the day when i was a Junior at JD Darnall 
High School in Geneseo Il and a first soprano in the honors
choir we went on a trip to Texas.  I roomed with three of 
my good friends, Katie, Mere and Linda. Now our chaperones
made this rule that we were not allowed to leave our rooms
after midnight. First of all it is imperitive that you 
realize that on this particular trip, Mere and I did not
sleep at all until the bus ride home(that's 6 days with no
sleep) so one particular morning around oh 3 a.m we decided 
that it would be dandy fun to run down the hall and knock on
peoples doors, now for some reason Mere insisted on 
yelling "You aint got the gipper without no coconut"
Now neither of us had a clue what the hell this meant but
we found it to be hilariously funny.  Suddenly we saw our
chaperones door open and we ran as fast as we could down the
hall, to da da da a dead end!!!!! The only thing there to 
hide us was..... the amazing candy machine, we both
dove behind this candy machine and sat there forever
while the chaperones talked in the hall. Thus concludes
this one of many Texas storie. Yes, by the way we made
it back to our room without getting caught.  

This next story is dedicted to Amy and her amazing parked
car adveture. One day we were cruisin the avenue just 
drivin around aimlessly.  We decided to eat at Bonanza. 
There were two rows of cars each facing a diff way with an
aisle in between. Amy pulled into the space and then backed
out to straighten her car out, when doing so she slammed
on the accelerator and flew backwards into a parked car. She
then tried to pull foreward and park so she could check 
for damage and ended up hitting the car in front of us, as 
she backed up to get away she then hit the car in back of 
us again.  Then the police showed up I guess cause someone
inside had noticed what was going on and called them.  she 
didn't get any tickets and luckily there wasn't too much 
damage to the cars.  

My senior year *1995*!!!! Us almighty wonderful seniors
were done about two weeks before the underclassmen. 
Graduation was on May 26th and the others wern't done 
until June 6th.  Well nice and early on our first Monday
after graduation we decided to go pay a friendly visit to
the High school. OUr first order of business was to get into
the auditium and "Borrow" the purple banner. Then we t-pd 
and silly stringed all the cars in the parking lot that we 
could.  Finally we went around to the back door by the 
english wing and pulled the fire alarm then ran outside and
hid behind the hedges watching them come outside, we kept
doing this throughout the day. Knowing there was nothing
they could do about it since we already had our diplomas.

*** More stories coming soon, I am just writing about
high school and stuff before that now, if anyone I know in
college wants to be included let me know.