Hi and welcome to the page dedicated to one of the coolest shows of all time!!!! I first saw RHPS in the 7th grade. I have never heard of anyone not loving this movie. Warning Once you watch it you will be addictied. RHPS began in 1973 as a stage show, it became immensely popular in the 1980's. It is still performed today both on stage and in the theatre. Yes, their are theaters that show it, usually in the bigger cities. I will be including a link to the script and all the songs. I haven't included any of the audience participation callbacks because you can find them in the link, and also they vary from one show to another. If you have not seen this show, do so as soon as possible.

                        The Cast

Tim Curry- as Dr. Frank N. Furter

Barry Bowstwick- as Brad Majors

Susan Sarandon- as Janet Weiss

Patricia Quinn- as Magenta/usherette

Johnathon Adams- as Dr. Everett Scott

Meat Loaf- as Eddie

Richard O'Brien- as Riff Raff

Nell Campell- as Columbia

Peter Himwood- as Rocky

Charles Gray- as the Narrator

and the Transelvanians

                          The Songs

                   Science Fiction Double Feature
                        -Riff Raff

                         Dammit Janet
                        -Brad and Janet

                    Over at the Frankenstein Place
                      -Brad, Janet and Riff Raff

                            Time Warp
                -Magenta, Columbia, Narratar, 
                       Riff Raff and the Transelvanians

                          Sweet Transvestite

                        I can make you a man

                    Hot Patootie-Bless my soul

                     Touch a Touch a Touch Me


                        Rose Tint my World
                   -Brad, Janet, Columbia, Riff 

                           I'm going home

                            Super Heroes
                          -Brad, Janet

Coming soon: lyrics to the songs; Science Fiction 
double feature, Over at the Frankenstein place, Touch a
Touch a Touch me, Rose Tint my World, and Time Warp.

                Science Fiction Double Feature

"Michael Renny was ill the day the earth stood still, but
he showed us where we stand, and Flash Gordon was their
in silver underwear...... the invisible man. But then 
something went wrong for Fay Rae and King Kong, they got
caught in a celluloid jam. Then with a deadly pace, it came
from outer space and this is how the message ran

Chorus:  science fiction double feature, Dr x will build
a creature.  See Androids fighting, Brad and Janet, and 
Francis stars in Forbidden Planet, oh oh oh oh, I wanna go
to the late night double feature picture show.

                    Over at the Frankenstein Place

Janet:  In the velvet darkness of the darkest night, 
burning bright, ther's a guiding star. No matter what
or who, who you are

Chorus: There's a light over at the Frankenstein Place,
there's a light burning in the fireplace.  There's a light
light in the darkness of everybody's life

Riff Raff:  Darkness must go, down the river of my streaming
Through ? snow let the sun and light come streaming, into
my life, into my life....


                      Touch a Touch a Touch Me

Janet: I was feeling down and couldn't win, i'd only
ever kissed before. You mean she'd(Columbia) Uh huh(magenta)
I said there's no use getting into heavy petting, it only
leads to trouble and seat wetting.  Now all I want to know
is how to go, I've tasted blood and I want more, 
I'll put up no resitance I want to stay the distance, i've
got an itch to scratch, I need assistance.  Touch a touch 
a touch a touch  me, i wanna be dirty, thrill me chill 
me fullfill me, creature of the night
Then if anything grows while you pose(giggles) I'll oil
you up and rub you down, and that's just one small fraction
of the main attraction.  You need a friendly hand, oh god
I need action.  
Repeat chorus-sung by Columbia and Magenta
Repeat chorus-sung by Janet
creature of the night-spoken by Rocky
creature of the night-spoken by Brad
Creature of the night-spoken by Frank
Creature of hte night-spoken by narrator
creature of the night-spoken by Columbia
Creature of the night-spoken by Rocky
Creature of the night-Spoken by Janet(Fast)

                         Rose Tint My World

Columbia: It was great when it all began, I was
a regular Frankie fan.  But it was over when he had 
the plan, to start a workin on a muscle man.  Now the only
thing that gives me hope, is my love of a certain dope.
Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my troubles and my

Rocky:  I'm just seven hours old, truly beautiful to
behold??? but the beetle hasn't been controlled.  Now the 
only thing i've come to trust is an orgasmic rush of love.
Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my troubles and my 

Brad: It's beyond me, help me mommy, i'll be good you'll
see take this dream away.  What's this, let's see, oooh I 
feel sexy, what's come over me? Here it comes again.

Janet: Oh I feel released, that times deceased, my 
confidence has increased reality is here.  The game has 
been disbanded, my mind has been expanded, its a gas
that Frankies landed, his life is so sincere

                            Time Warp

Narrator: I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange
Riff Raff: It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes
its toll. But listen closely. Not for very much 
longer(magenta) I'd like to keep control.  I remember
doin the time warp during those moments when the darkness
would hit me and a void would be calling, let's do the time
warp again, let's do the time warp again. 
Narrator screams "Do it"
Chorus: its just a jump to the left, and then a step to
the right, you put your hands on your hips and bring your
knees in tight, but its the pelvic thrust that really
drives you insane, ane ane, ane ane, lets do the time 
warp again.
Magenta: It's so dreamy oh fantasy free me, so you can't see
me no not at all.  In another dimesnsion, well secluded
I see all.  Riff Raff: with a bit of the mind flip
Magenta: you're into the time slip. Riff Raff: and nothing
can ever be the same.  Magenta: you're spaced out on 
sensation. Riff Raff:(screams) Like you're under sedation
Let's do the time warp again(repeat)

Columbia: Well I was walkin down the street just a havin
a think when a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink, he 
shooka me up took me by surprise he had a pickup truck and
the devils eyes, he started at me and I felt a change time
meant nothin never would again.

Let's do the time warp again(repeat)

Columbia tap dances across the room, everyone screams watch
out for the stairs, as she runs into them.  

Let's do the time warp again(repeat four times)

Spoken: Hi, my names Brad Majors. Great Scott, Say does
anyone here know how to Madison?  For god sakes keep
a grip on yourself Janet, Dr. Scott, Janet, But Brad.  I 
knew I was in with a bad crowd.  Dammit, I knew I should
have gotten that spare tire fixed, What diabolical plan
has ceased..... crazed imagination... An intruder is 
entering the building master master master. 

Let's do the time warp again(2 times)


Here are just some fun facts on the show. Many of these are
things that my friends and i have noticed. If you know of 
any other info on the movie, or show please let me know.

-RHPS is based on movies such as: King Kong, Wizard of
Oz, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Strangelove to name
a few. 

- during the wedding scence watch the chalk heart that 
Brad draws on the church, it changes shapes. 

-When Eddie is with Columbia, his bracelet disapears

-Columbias hat suddenly appears on her head when she is
doing her tap dance during Time Warp.

-also in the middle of her dance a red carpet suddenly

-During the Time Warp a Transelvanian sets a tray
down before beginning the dance, then after the "Lets
do the time warp part,the tray is back. 

That's all for now, I'll try to see the movie again soon
so I can find some more. 

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