Hello and Welcome to the Official "Presents for Preemies" Homepage.
This is a program that I am starting, right now I am focusing mainly
on the Illinois area, but I hope to one day make this a national 
Basically what I am doing is collecting gifts, money, donations etc
for Preemies in NICU's.  Some ideas of items to be donated are:
disposable cameras for pictures, coloring books, toys, crayons, 
bubbles etc.. for the siblings, clothes/hats/booties etc that
are smaller than normal(many people who make clothes for Preemies
use doll clothes patterns) quilt squares, books/magazines(for
the parents to relax with) soap, baby powder, diapers etc(for 
after the hospital stay(remember the diapers need to be a smaller
than normal size) If you would like to recieve or send donations
please contact me via e-mail.

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