This page is where I will be putting poems and stories.  Most of
which are written by me. If they are by someone else I will give
credit, if no credit is given then they are by me.

Here are some poems.   

                       I am a dancer
                       I twirl, leap and spin
                       I jump, piorette, and tap
                       I am a dancer
                       I feel pain and fear
                       I feel defeat and failure
                       Yet I keep going
                       I smile, I practice, I perform
                       I feel happiness and joy
                       I have grace and beauty
                       I hear the applause
                       I perform and do my best
                       Sometimes I fail
                       I don't give up
                       For I am a dancer
                       I am brave and strong
                       I dance not for fame and glory
                       but for how I feel inside
                       I am happiness,joy,love & excitment
                       strife, talent, joy, 
                       determination and beauty
                        I am a dancer

                         "The Performance"

                          The spotlight brightens
                          The music begins
                          I'm up on my toes
                          as I twirl and spin
                          I jump and I leap
                          From one side to another
                          feeling just the music
                          never any other.  
                          I raise up in pointe
                          then down in plie
                          performing what i've practiced
                          for so long every day.  
                          To dance is my dream,
                          I can't let it die
                          for when I do dance
                          I feel I can fly
                          The world can disapear
                          My troubles can cease
                          For just one moment
                          I am truly at peace.  

                           "Ode to Ballet
                           By- Faith Dragza

                   The beauty of ballet cannot be surpassed
                    no matter how hard one tries
                   for its the dream of all who love it
                   to dance until one dies
                   ballet will fill the yearning
                   of those who long to dance
                 but those who care not about it 
                  will not give it a glance
                 When a longing heart is happy
                  some say it is from ballet
                   and we know that they are right
                   as we dance from day to day
                  Happiness comes from dancing
                  from God and nothing more
                  everything worth doing 
                  will someday open up loves door
                   and when you are finally happy
                    your heart will fill with joy
                 and you'll dance all night with wonder
                 at this wonderful employ
                  Listen to the waves
                  crashing upon the sea
                  oh, look at them dance
                  they're nearly as happy as me
                  For i have found the desire
                   of my hopeful little heart
                   and if I cannot dance
                    it will be torn apart
                    so when you see me dancing
                    up upon the stage
                     think of the dancing
                    of I and the waves
                    for we are both so happy
                     to finally get to dance
                    that we will ever remember
                     the day sadness will throw his lance
        and the happiness will be pierced through the heart
                    as the dancing will be no more
                  as the heart once poured out sadness
                  now that will happen nevermore
                   now one must dance on forever
                  never dancing a last dance
             for it is impossible to be happy without ballet
                  after sadness has thrown his lance.


                              "To My Grandpa"

                         Not so very long ago
                         you were by my side,
                         lovingly watching over me
                         ready to help and guide.
                         Taking pride in all the good times
                         and sharing in all the bad.
                         You taught me that I could succeed,
                         and helped me find the confidence I had.
                         It didn't matter if I failed,
                         I was perfect in your eyes
                         Nothing I ever did was wrong
                         as long as I just tried.
                         Then suddenly you were gone,
                         with barely a chance to say goodbye
                         there wasn't time to tell you 
                          all that was in my heart.  
                         But, maybe this little poem
                         can hopefully be a start.  
                         I loved you every moment 
                         of every waking day.  
                         Even when I screamed at you 
                         and wished you'd go away.  
                         The love you gave your family,
                         will never be forgot.  
                          Now that you're gone
                          There's so much I wish for you to see,
                          like the day I walk down the aisle 
                          to become somebodies bride.  
                          The way I hope to raise my children
                          with the values, you taught me.
                          But most of all I wish 
                           that you could see the women I will be.
                           Time will go on 
                           as I leave the past behind.  
                           Knowing that although you are not here,
                           you'll forever be my guide.

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