Hello! This is my modeling page. I am very interested in getting 
started with modeling. As of right now I do not have any 
pictures to show, but I will get a link to some up Asap.  It will
take a couple weeks though. I am interested in fashion, print, 
and fitness, mainly print. My stats and so on are below.  I am a 
college student, so it's hard for me to travel, but even if you are 
not in my area, let me know, maybe we could work something else, 
just remember my schoolwork does come first.  The only pics I have 
available to see right now, are from the Fair Queen Competion I did
last summer. To see them go to the link i will put below.  Once 
there you have to go to the link for the prelims and practice 
sessions photos, I am in the group swimsuit shot(the picture isn't
very good though) and the group evening gown one, our names our there
and I am in the black and white dress. I will be getting up a 
separtate page, linked to this one of just my photos, but it will 
take awhile because we dont have scanners at school, so I have to 
go somewhere else to have it done. Thank you very much for visiting

Age: 21

Hair: Dark Brown

eyes: Brown

height: 5'3

weight: 110

measurements: 34B/28/25

dress size: 5

level: beginner

activites/talents: singing, acting, pageants, writing, dance

** Note, I can sing and act, but have had limited experience
in those area, my strong point is dance.

strengths: In shape, hard working, creative, persistint, and

contact info: mubap@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu

My Snazzy List of Links

my main homepage:
my pageant pics: the site that has my pagent pics on it(see above)


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