Hi! Welcome to my homepage!!!! In this page I will tell you all about myself, my likes and dislikes and I have included some links to other exciting sites. Including the Happy Day Page and my Famous Quotes Page. I hope that you enjoy your visit. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please e-mail me, also be sure to sign the guestbook!

                           ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

I'm 21 years old and a Junior in College. I'm majoring in English and
minoirng in Sociology.  I plan to go to Grad school to become a 
Social and Human Services worker to work for an organization such as
the United Way or Make a Wish Foundation. I'd also like to dance 
with a company or for a Cruise Ship or Disney. Not as a career, but 
for a year or so, or even for a summer.  I have long dark hair and 
brown eyes and am 5'3.  I enjoy reading, writing(stories, screenplays
and poems) being in pageants, dancing(I do all different kinds,
my favorite is jazz though), singing, traveling, collecting quotes,
and collecting Happy Days Memorobilia. My favorite movies are
Penny Serenade, Gone with the Wind, and Titanic. My favorite actress
is Natalie Wood, and my Favorite actors are Matt Damon,
 Ben Affleck and Val Kilmer. I like all kinds of movies, esp musicals
and ones from the 40's.  My favortite animal is the cat, and my 
favorite colors are purple and silver, at school i'm invovled in dance
theatre(where we put on shows and go to diff coventions and 
competitions)-I've been Snow, Flowers, Tarentella, Arabian, Spanish,
Reed Flute in the Nutcracker, dance, hall government, where I'm a
member of the Community Events Committee and Chairperson of the
Recognition Committee, I'm also an alternate to the Great Lakes 
Association of College and University Residence Halls Leadership
Conference(GLACURH) Retgional Conference(to be held in Novemeber-
at Michigan State)*Hopefully I'll get to go this year!! I've also
atteneded many leadership conferences at local, state, regional and
national levels.  I'm also invovled with a volunteer group here on 
Campus and the IL state Director for HOC, and a member of AAPI, where
I give talks and work with the public.  

                     WEIRD AND RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME

1. I will eat ice cream anytime, even in the dead of winter

2. I think Scott Baio was cute, esp in the last couple seasons
   of HD.

3. I LOVE glitter, I have glitter hair gel, glitter hair sparkles, 
    glitter body lotion, glitter polish, body glitter, etc etc... I
    am admittedly addicted to glitter.  

4. I've seen every single episode of Happy Days and I have over 
   100 on tape.

5. I love the Ocean

6. I'm a total night owl, I get a second wind around 11pm, and I
   do my best studying and accomplish the most stuff at this time
   of  night. 

7. I can get by on a small amount of sleep

8. This does not mean I get up early all the time, I'm very lazy if
    I am able to sleep in. :)

9. I once stayed up for five days straight(when I was in TX)

10. I'd like to write children's and YA books

11. My favorite thing to do is dance

12. I choreograph steps whenver I hear music

13.  I cars name is Lil Blue, it is a 1989 blue, Pontiac Sunbird.

14. I have three holes in my left ear and two in my right

15. I"ve thought of getting a tattoo of a little turtle on my hip
    but I'm poor, I dont' like pain, and my grandma would kill me

16. I like to play floor and field hockey

17. When I was younger I wanted to be an Olympic Swimmer

18. I can easily remember lines from movies and songs

19. I collect quotes.

20. I'm a total pack rat, I hate to throw anything away, but the
    stuff I keep all has a signifagant memory to it.  

21. I have tons of scrapbooks

22. I love giving speeches and being on stage(dancing, pageants etc)

23. My favorite animal is the cat, but I also like turtles and seals

24. I have 12 beanie babies(only two of which I have bought myself)

25. I want to visit all 50 states and 7 continents.

26. I'd love to take a year to do nothing but travel.  

27. I want to learn how to water ski and wakeboard

28. I'd like to ride in a hot air balloon

29. I'm going to go skydiving sometime during my life

My Snazzy List of Links

dance sites and info:
The Green Bay Packers Page:
Center for the easily amused: This is just a fun page with jokes, stories and lots of cool stuff, I especially like the Unoffical marshmallow Peep Page.
My Happy Days Page:
A Gone With the Wind Page: a page all about the book and movie
The Natalie Wood Page: A page all about the Actress
my quote page: This is a page of quotes from movies, books, dance quotes and quotes that people I know(myself included) have said. YOU MUST READ THE QUOTES THAT PEOPLE SAID THEY ARE VERY ENTERTAINING
My friends page: A page all about my zany friends!
sign my guestbook:
view my guestbook:
Alley's page: My cat Alley's homepage. Please visit, he'll be purrfectly happy that you did.
Transplant Pals Homepage: A page for children who are awaiting organ donations or know someone who is.
My site on books and authors:

Here are some of the poems that I've written.  I apologize if they're not real good, but remember I'm not a professional writer.   

I am just one person, I am a simple beam of light
I am the towering mountains with their majestic height
I am the silver moon that shines up in the sky
I am the three year old who's always asking why
I am the seasons as they slowly change
I am animals roaming on a range
I am every single question, I am every hidden fear
I am the relflection that's seen in a mirror
I am the falling leaves of an old ancient tree
I am every single person, I am me.

I am a dancer
I twirl, leap and spin
I jump, piorette, and tap.
I am a dancer
I feel pain and fear
I feel defeat and failure
yet I keep going
I smile, I practice, I perform
I feel happiness and joy.
I have grace and beauty.
I hear the applause.
I perform and do my best
Sometimes I fail.
I don't give up
For I am a dancer.
I am brave and strong.
I dance not for fame and glory
but for how I feel inside.
I am happiness, joy, love and excitment
strife, talent, grace, determination, and beauty
I am a dancer.

(I must apologize for the sheer dumbness of this next poem
but I wrote it really fast one day, so it isn't that good)

The spotlight brightens
the music begins
I'm up on my toes
as I twirl and spin.
I jump and I leap 
from one side to another
I feel just the music
never any other
I raise up on pointe
then down in plie
performing what i've practiced
for so long every day.
To dance is my dream
I can't let it die
for when I do dance
I feel I can fly.
The world can disapear
My troubles can cease
For just one moment
I am truly at peace.  

A full moon in the month of June
wildly spinning ferris wheels,
The curious eyes of a baby raccoon
how a kittnes soft fur feels.
A beach covered with sandy dunes,
an ocean filled with swimming seals.
A mellow, melonchaly tune,
the sky a brilliant shade of teal.
A part of life that will end soon,
everything that makes you real.  

This is all I have for now, soon I will probabaly post some more up.  

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