This is a page where I am going to put quotes. I will put them into catogories, of quotes I like such as those from movies, and those i've read or heard in songs(also known as.... song lyrics) quotes about dance, and quotes that other people have said. A lot of those are from the IRHA conference and from my high school trip to Texas. No names will be given, some of these things I even said, but I will not admit to which ones. I've also been keeping a list since prob about my junior year of High school of funny things people say. This started in my biology class when Cindy and I used to write down all of Al's quotable sayings.

Quotes from books, movies etc:  
There aren't many here now, but i'll keep adding as I find 

Just cause he's got a library card don't make him Yoda

You can't handle the truth
-A Few Good Men

Show me the money
-Jerry Macguire

Do I make myself clear? Crystal
-A Few Good Men

I carried a watermelon
-Dirty Dancing

Life moves pretty fast sometimes you have to stop and
look around once in awhile
-Ferris Buellers Day Off

I really do have a test today, its on European Socialism
Who cares? I'm not European, I'm not socialist, they
could be Facist, anarchist pigs and that still wouldn't
change the fact that I don't have a car.
-Ferris Buellers Day Off
Hello, Police? There is a male intruder in my house, 
possibly armed, certainly weird. 
-Ferris Buellers Day Off 

It's the best invention next to Tab.
-Girls Just wanna Have Fun

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
-The Lion King

Ladies do not start fights, yeah but they can finish em

Ladies first. You're not no lady, you're nothin but a 

I'm a hound dog
-Fox and the Hound

Silly bambi, that's not a flower.  Oh, that's ok, he can 
call me flower if he wants to.

Ooh well ring a ding ding

You dating a Korean? No stupid he's a marine.

Tell me about it, stud.

You goody goodies are too much for me. I'm going to get
my kicks while i'm still young enough to get em.

What say Zuke? You're lookin pretty good. Eat your heart
out. Sloppy seconds aint my style.  

You can take your piece of tin, I can't believe I actually
trusted you in this, this sin mobile.  

Hey Rocky wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

Senator Claterbucks daughter, is not going to get changed
in no gasoline station.

I never knew it before but i'm wild guys, I guess maybe I 
was all along.

Why don't we just tell your parents that we didn't want to
spend our summer touring god damn colonial monuments, we
wanted to go to the beach, to go to wild parties, meet boys
and have fun

I'm having the most fun

I'd have an extra marital affair with him.  Marlena, he's
our president.  Oh Louanne lighten up, you know you would
too, heck I bet even Carson would. 

The best things in life aren't things
-Art Buchwald

While intelligent people often simplify the complex
a fool is more likely to complicate the simple.
-Gerald W. Grummet

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without
-C. Archie Danielson

Todays greatest labor saving device is tommorow
-Tom Wilson

Snow is like the minutes before the opening of a 
play.  All calm, silent, and still.

A friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the 
world walks out.
-Walter Winchell

Being defeated is often temporary, giving up is what
makes it permanant
-Marilyn Savant

Humor is just another defense agains the universe
-Mel Brooks

It is better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong 
than to apologize at length and be right to late
-Marilyn Kennedy

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier
-Colin Powell

You don't get harmony when everyone sings the same note
-Doug floyd.

School days are I believe the unhappiest in the whole
span of human existence.  They are filled with dull
unitelligible tasks, unpleasant ordinances and brutal 
violations of common sense and human dignity.  
-H.L Mencken

You can close your eyes to reality but not to memory

The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship
that sadly, can never be fully reached by both parties

Imagination is the eye of the soul
-Joseph Jourbort

One of the dullest things is a succession of ordinary

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will still
land among the stars.
-Les Brown

To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could
anything be more fun
-Kathleen Graham

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of
their dreams
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage
to lose sight of the shore.

It is more fun to arrive at a conclusion than to justify
-Malcolm S. Forbes

An optimist thinks this is the best of all worlds, a 
pessimist fears the same may be true.
-Doug Larson

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom
-Gen. George Patten

The future has a way of arriving unannounced
-George F. Will

A postive attitude may not solve all your problems but
it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
-Herm Albright

Sometimes something worth doing, is worth overdoing

It is better to be approximatly right, than precisly wrong
-Warren Buffet

Laughter is the jam on the toast of life.  It adds flavor
keeps it from being too dry, and makes it easier to swallow
-Diane Johnson

Some of the worlds greatest feats were accomplished
by people not smart enough to realize they were impossible
-Doug Larsen

In the end a poem is not the thing we see, it is rather a 
light by which we may see and what we see is light. 
-Robert Penn Warren

Defeat is not the worst failure, not to have tried is
the true failure
-George Edward Woodbery

LIfe is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish but
you can only spend it once.
-Lillian Dickson

The road to success is dotted with many tempting 
parking spaces

You may be disapointed if you fail but you are doomed
if you don't try. 

Oh Arthur what a magnificant dilema let her burn your
life is over, let her live your lifes a fraud.  Kill
the queen or kill the law, whatever shall you do?

Life is like a tunnel. Theres always a light at the end

When you find yourself convinced that life is moving to 
fast, find a bank or supermarket line.
-Murray Cohen

The difference between reality and fiction, fiction
has to make sense.
-Tom Clancy

Perseverence is the hard work you do after you get tired
of doing the hard work you already did.

Music is like a painting in sound.  You take it in to your
intermost heart and never lose it.  It's eternally 
-Joseph Horowitz

Well timed silence is the most commanding expression

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small
matters compared to what lies within us.

How wonderful is the moment when we realize we've discovered
a friend. 

Kent: What's this supposed to be?
Chris: That is water, its what happens to ice when it
gets too cold. THis, this is Kent, its what happens
to people when they get sexually frustrated.
-Real Genius(Dedicated to the amazing Benharts)

Iris? She's given more rides than a Greyhound
-Can't Buy me Love

I like to think I'm the master of my own destiny

You just had sex with a dead man

37 dicks, my girlfriend sucked 37 dicks?

Veronica: Heather, why are you such a mega bitch?
Heather: Because I can be

You can't be happy every day of your life, if you 
were, you'd be a game show host

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

Life sucks losers dry, if you wanna soar with the
eagles you gotta learn to fly

You want romance, we can't even get cable in
-Fast Times at Ridgemont High

-Am I hallucinating, what the hell are you doing.
-Fast Times...

Customer: It says 100% guaranteed you moron
Brad: If you don't shut up, i'm going to kick
100% of your ass.
-Fast Times.....

You don't stop lauging because you grow old, you grow
old because you stop laughing
-Michael Prichard

Imagination is more important than knowledge
-Albert Einstein

There was a decade called the Roaring Twenties, what 
will yours be called

They say I don't know the meaning of the word quit, I say
I just get better with time.

If you let your spirit out, where would it go

Be young, have fun, drink pepsi

Today is the day you stop listening to the tales
of other lives lived

Live without fantasy is life without life

What orbit of the planets has put you and me in 
this place at this moment? 

Chadler: I don't like clowns, esp headless ones
 Ross:  What the hell kind of scary ass clowns have you 
         been meeting

Phoebe: It was an emergeny, we were out of doritos

Ross: I guess he got the part in the play
Chandler: Either that or Gloria Estaban was right and the
rhythm is going to get you

Ross: She's going in, she's going, in oh no he's going in
too, there closing the door, they're closing the door
I can't see anything
Chandler: and the inventor of the door rests happily
in his grave.

There was never a night or problem that could defeat
sunrise or hope

Careers like rockets don't always take off on schedule
The key is to keep working on the engines
                         -Gary Sinise

Whatever you want to do, do it now, there are only
so many tommorows
                         -Michael Landon

It is a good idea to be ambitious, to have goals, to 
want to be good at something.  But its a terrible 
thing to let drive and ambition get in the way of
treating people with kindness

There are no speed limits on the road to excellence
                           -David Johnson

There is always a moment in childhood when a door
opens and the future comes in
                         -Graham Greene

Whatever you think you can do, begin it.  Action has
magic, grace, and power in it.  

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common factor, but 
among those who Ilove, all of them make me laugh. 
-W.H. Auden

Beyond talent lies all the usual words, disipline, love, luck but most
of all endurance.
-James Baldwin

The life you led, doesn't need to be the life you had
-Anna Quindlen

Everyobody needs his memories, they keep the wolf of insignifighance 
from his door.
-Saul Ballow

The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail.  Travel too fast,
and you miss what you were traveling for.
-Louis L'Amour

Let joy keep you.  Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.
-Carl Sandburg

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less then you settled for.
-Maureen Dowd

Memory feeds imagination.
-Amy Tan

Achievement is largely the result of steadily raising the level of 
ones aspirations and expectations.
-Jack Nicklaus

-You can't stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh.
-Jay Leno

We are made to persit, that's how we find out who we are.
-Tobias Wolff

How sad would be November, if we had no knowledge of the spring.
-Edwin Way Teale

YOu can have it all, you just can't have it all at once.
-Oprah Winfrey

-Men are like parking spaces. The good ones are all taken and the
rest are handicapped.

-I would rather be ashes than dust
 I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze
 than it should be stiffled by dryout
 I would rather be a supurb meteor,
 every atom of me in magnificant glow,
 than a sleepy and permanant planet.
 The proper function of man is to live not to exist
 I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them
 I shall use my time.
 -Jack London

Most people  have a desire to look at the exception instead of
the desire to become exceptional.
- John C. Maxwell

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what 
they are.
-Malcolm Forbes

Using your imagination is the one time in life when you can 
go anywhere
-Ann Palchett

Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would
never see the beauty of their carvings.

Dance quotes

Every day I count wasted in which there has been no 
-Friedich Nietch

A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before
it walks, music is with us from the beginning.
-Pamela Brown

Dance is an art that imprints on the soul.  It is with
you every moment, it expresses itself in everything you
-Shirley Maclaine

To dance is to be out of yourself, larger, more powerful,
more beautiful.  This is power, it is glory on earth and
it is yours for the taking.  
-Agnes Dem Mille

The dance is simply the luminous manisfestation of the 
dancers soul, natural but not intiative speaking in
movement out of himself, that which is greater than all
parts of the self

Someone once said that dancers work just as hard as 
policeman, always alert, always tense, but see policeman
don't have to be beautiful at the same time
-George Balenchine

Dance can give the inarticulate a voice
-Pamela Brown

All there is to be said for work compared to dance is
that the latter is so much easier.
-Heywood Brown

Ballet is not technique but a way of expression that comes
more closely to the inner language of man than any other
-George Borodin

Its what I always wanted to do, to show the laughter, the
fun the joy of dance.
-Martha Graham

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. Its
the rhythym of your life. Its the expression in time and
movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.
-Jaques D'ambroise

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart

I see dance being used as communication between body and
soul, to express what it too deep to find for words.
-Ruth St. Denis

Dance for yourself, if someone understands good. If not
then no matter, go right on doing what you love.
-Lois Hurst

Then come the lights shining on you from above. You are
a performer.  YOu forget all you learned, the process of
technique, the fear, the pain, you even forget who you are
you become one with the music, the lights, indeed one
with the dance. 
-Shirley Maclaine

They say practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect
so why then practice?"

Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground.
-Martha Graham

Give me but one firm spot to stand on, and I will move the world.

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must set
yourself on fire.
-Fred Shero

Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing.  
-James Brown

One can never consent to creep, when one feels and impulse to soar.
-Helen Keller

When I dance, i cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself
from life.  I can only be joyful and whole, that is why I dance.  
-Hans Bos

It is kind of fun to do the impossible.
-Walt Disney

The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. 
Bodies never lie.
-Agnes de Mille

Let us read and let us dance, two amusements that will never do any
harm to the world.  

When you're skating on thin ice, you may as well tap dance.  
-Bryce Courtenay

QUOTES FROM PEOPLE: I have decided not to list who said 
each quote to protect the hopelessly stupid(JK:) But, If you
recognize a quote as being something you said, and you want
credit for it, then e-mail me and let me know.  I must give 
Linda credit for her memorable quote of does pizza hut sell
pizzas. This was said during out Honors band and choir tour
of Texas in 1994 in which we had not slept for almost four 
days. We decided to go out to pizza hut to eat and as we
were getting ready Linda said in all seriousness (She was
not joking around) I wonder if they have pizza there. Now 
onward to the quotes. A couple of these I said, but will
not admit to which ones.  

Hey, where'd the sun go

does pizza hut sell pizzas

I am the almighty grasshopper

Pixie dust is cool

I must avenge my king

sloppy dice, take a shot

you sure aint no frickin genius

ya know what this isn't the genius edition after all
its the genus edition

the genus what is a genus? Well it sure aint you.

them yellow lockers are so enticing

freshman deserved to be covered in paint, but only red
paint mind ya

why just red? Cause its magical, ooh really, wow!

My kit kat sure didn't give me no break

playing volleyball with a balloon just isn't the same as
the real thing

If you were a balloon would you want someone to be 
smackin you around? Personally I don't care and I don't
think the balloon does either.  

ya know it'd be fun to hop down the stairs like a bunny

The tvs on this bus are possessed

The tv demon is after us

I am the tv avenger

Texas sure is a damn big state

Screw Mcdonalds, if you've seen one you've seen them all

You mean the Alamo still exists in Texas

What the hell is an I-Max

The kiddie katerpillar roller coaster is the best ride

these bumber cars sure don't bump

its true what they say, carffeine does keep you up

we have got to get those glowy, antenna head things

I know i'm here, that aint my problem, my problem is
where the hell am I going

elevators can go up and down but they never go sideways

whoa the Riverwalk really is by a river

you can swing out on this branch like a funky ole squirrel

Being the toothpaste god would sure be cool.  Damn you got
lofty ambitions

oh screw the bar

riding on a bus for 26 hrs sure does get boring

I wonder if people ever fish from the Riverwalk, river?

Its not the turning that hard in piorrettes, it's that you 
gotta keep on doin it

I wonder if sex is as fun as dancing

I table dance only for money and sex

The blue jays are flying in, way in over your head
(This particular quote was funny because it was said in
the midst of silence and had nothing to do with the 
conversation, also there were no blue jays anywhere)

Them talkin car alarms are pretty spiffy

I sure do like coconuts, to bad I havn't ever had one

I wonder what it would be like to swim in the sky? Oh
wait a minute, I guess that'd be called flying.  

That duck has turtle like qualities

Bow down before the royal purple marker

Give turkeys freedom

I can't talk to my pudding cause it's from Haiti

Have you ever wondered what caterpillars think?

Bring on the gipper. What the hells a gipper?? Dammed
if I know but it sure sounds cool.

who are you, Twinkerbell

the clouds are leaving us

hey whack me off a slice a that there orange juice

i'd like to live with the penguins

God's a porpoise

What, did you say i'm a dolphin

I'm confused

Kiss my lizard

Here's your sign

Just laughin for no damn reason at all

No, NO don't turn, truck truck, trucks are bad!

Oh goody, the shell station!

Do I look like a moron to you

Girls can't hammer...Bite me!

Don't stick it out unless you intend to use it

Baby you can stroke me anytime, for I am part... feline

What's your sign

this is the first coke I ever drank in a bar.

stop movin that damn board

We don't need new keys, or a locksmith, we need a new

lets go speedy

Holy Batmobile, they got flowers, honest to god friggin
flowers here in South Carolina

Who's your daddy

oh my god, the poptarts on fire!!

these are just a sampling of quotes, unfortunatly I 
accidently threw my quote notebook away so these are the 
ones i could remember, as i hear or remember new ones i'll
put them down. 

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