Season 1 1985-1986


     Alan Thicke....................... Dr. Jason Seaver
     Joanna Kerns...................... Maggie Seaver
     Kirk Cameron...................... Mike Seaver
     Tracey Gold....................... Carol Seaver
     Jeremy Miller..................... Ben Seaver

Pilot Episode: 
After 15yrs of being a housewife, Maggie starts work at a local
newspaper. Jason, a psychologist who has his office at home, is now
in charge of the kids.  He allows Mike to visit a disco with his 
friend, Jerry. That night he gets a call from the police saying that
Mike has been arrested for driving a car.

Directed by: John Pasquin
Written by : Neal Marlens

Episode 2-Springsteen
Mike tries to get tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concert. But, the
only one who can get them is Jason. They attend the concert 
together, which is fine until they are interviewed after the 
concert is over.

Directed by: John Pasquin
Written by : Neal Marlens
Guest Cast : K.C. Martel as Eddie
             Josh A. Koenig as Boner

Episode 3- Jealousy
Maggie works on a toxic waste story with her partner Fred. This Makes
Jason Jealous

Directed by: John Pasquin
Written by : Neal Marlens and Carol Black

Episode 4- Carol's Article
Carols writes and article for the school magazine. Maggie warns
her that her writing style, could lead to unexpected results.
Ben and Mike bet on horse races.

Directed by: John Pasquin
Written by : Sybil Adelman and Martin Sage
Guest Cast : Evan Arnold as Richie

Episode 5- Superdad
Maggie feels useless when Carol goes to Jason first for a problem.
Mike takes care of the neighbors dog, but it runs away and he
dyes a different dog, so it's the same color.

Directed by: Nick Havinga
Written by : Tom Walla and David Wollert

Episode 6- Mike's Madonna Story
Mike has a girlfriend named Lisa, which Maggie is not happy
about, especially when her and Jason are gone, and Mike spends
the evening alone with Lisa.

Directed by: John Pasquin
Written  by: David Kendall

Episode 7- Weekend Fantasy
Jason and Maggie go on a weekend vacation and leave the kids home
alone. When they call home, no one answers, leaving them to 
imagine all kinds of reasons why not. 

Directed by: John Tracey
Written by : Arnold Margolin

Episode 8-Slice of Life
Maggie sees a compatability test in Jasons office and wants to fill
it out. Jasons answers lead to an arguement between the two of 
them. Mike wants to learn Karate, because of a girl who is attending
the course.

Directed by: John Tracey
Written by : Rich Reinhart
Guest Cast : Ami Dolenz as Linda

Episode 9-Carol's Crush
Jeff, the son of friends who moved to Ohio is visiting. Carol falls
in love with him. After a friend cancels a date, Jeff asks Carol to
go with him to a show. Carol misunderstands Jeffs feelings and is
upset when he meets and old girlfriend.

Directed by: John Tracey
Written by : Stephen J. Curwick

Episode 10- Dirt Bike
Mike is in the woods with his friends riding his dirtbike.
Carol analyzes Ben;s dreams for a school project.

Directed by: John Tracey
Written by : Ali Marie Matheson and Kerry Ehrin
Guest Cast : Richard Mckenzie as Dr. McKlowsky
             Brian Robbins as Mitch
             Gary Robbins as Jimmy
             Josh A. Koenig as Boner
             Suhey Smith as The Assistant