This is a page of things that annoy me, what I like, and what i'm afraid of. If you happen to like something that I hate, well-deal with it!

Things that annoy me!!!!!

(These are in no particular order)

Macintosh Computers
People who get straight A's in everything and then say that
I'm not trying hard enough
The color orange
People who wear orange and brown together

People who point out obvious things(like the lady at the 
mall who said i had really dark hair-umm Duh)
People who tell me I still look like a high school freshman

psychic friends infomercialls
those stupid 900 sex line commercials with the slutty, blond
haired bimbos, why don't they ever show any guys??
Star Trek
Menthos commercials
elvis sightings
When a radio station plays a song and doesn't tell you
what it is.
The amount of money atheletes make
Hercules-The legendary journey
candy/pop machines that eat money

people who throw screaming fits everytime they see a bug
girls who are afraid to get dirty, because they might
ruin their hair or break a nail

being required to take 12hrs of science, when it has nothing
whatsoever to do with my major
living in the midwest and having to look at corn fields all
people thinking that just cause i live in Il, that means i 
live near Chicago.
guys who wear brown shoes with black socks
people who could not color coordinate their clothing if
their lives depended on it
tomatoes(the evilest food in the world, lets band together
to rid the world of this awful food)
white milk
being broke
having no free time
having to spend all my time studying and memorizing pointless
crap that isn't going to help me in life

Ken(my jerk off, idiotic, stupid ex boyfriend from hell)

finding out that your supposed boyfriend was cheating on 
you with other girls and sleeping with them
Carrie Garlick(My high school vice principals daugher-who
could come to class 20 frickin minutes late and never get
in trouble but if anyone else was even a minute late you'd get
a detention)
People who can't park
Traci Brewer

Being carded at R rated movies because I don't look 17(yes 
this does happen)
being pulled over because i looked to young to be driving
(This happened three times and was annoying as hell)
stupid come ons from guys
people who call repeatedly at three a.m and say nothing
people who tell lies and spread rumors around about you
suck ups
brown, or black nail polish
Having to wait on stupid people, who ask idiotic questions
such as, what do you have to drink, hello morons you have
a menu, read it.
people who cut me off
people who don't use their signal lights
yapping dogs
car alarms that go off for no apparent reason, and another 
thing about car alarms, why the hell do the people who
park in Q-lot have them, hello if it goes off, its not 
like there going to hear it and know the car is theirs
bossy people
icy parking lots
people who ring the stupid elevator alarm
fire alarms that go off at 3 a.m

that most people don't have a clue what the hell an 
intelevision is.
Hearing country music over and over again, esp the same 
annoying song. (there is a certain room on my floor
who does this.  I do like country music, just not constantly)

the idiotic people who keep calling me asking if i want siding
when I live on the 8th floor of a college res hall

people who act nice to your face then talk about you behind 
your back
cow tipping(what exactly is the point)
having a really good tv show premempted by some stupid
message by the president.
those stupid publishers clearing house things that come\
to your house
knowing i'll never win the $100,000 in the taco bell
feel the force game

having some stupid moron from a long distane telephone
company call me at 7 a.m on a saturday(now granted this 
is annoying anyday but esp on saturday)
people who think that dancing is easy
hving to spend 100 dollars a year on pointe shoes
the overabundance of car commercials they have on tv
seeing the infomercial for a cd, so much that you have it memorized
and know what song they will play before they play it(such
as the reflections of love one)

Things that I enjoy

getting mail
getting e-mail
getting A's
road trips
long distance phone calls 
finding money that i didn't know I had
my cat
going to the park
playing in the rain with my friends and basically acting
really dumb
cherry pepsi
white water rafting
my car
Erin Elizabeth Browne(the girl I babysit for)
any type of music-except a lot of country
collecting quotes
working on my homepage
the color purple
the beach
the ocean
South Carolina(where I one day intend to live)
Dr Pepper
Goin to The Pace, and Top Of The Town(bars/dance clubs in Macomb
Bein a Nacurh Assasin
The Really Really cool Backstreet Girsl
Southpark(Not the mall-the tv show)
Ok that is all for now, when i think of more I will
post them.

What I am scared of:

Needles: I am sooo afraid of needles. I can't even watch
someone get neeedles on tv. Like, I love the show Er, and
I can watch someone getting there heart operated on or
anything else, I mean i watch the gorriest horror movies
but I can't stand to see someone get stuck with needles.

Parking Ramps: You know those big, high ones that are like
ten stories tall for you to park your cars on.  I don't
mind heights, fact I actaully like being up high and I can
walk through a parking ramp fine, its just the actual
parking of the car, I have the insane fear of pulling
foreward too far and falling to my doom.  

The movie It: The Stephen King movie, this movie freaked
the hell out of me, it is because of it that I can't stand
clowns, and I absolutly hated that shower scence.  

This is all for now, if I think of any more i'll add em!

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