Hi and welcome to my page dedicated the best and coolest TVshows of all time.... Happy Days. I figured since there isn't much info on it i'd create a page about it. Happy Days originally started out as a spin off on the show, Love American Style, which was entitled Love and Happy Days. It had Marion Ross, Ron Howard and Anson Williams in it, but a different dad, and Joannie was played by someone else. After the immense popularity of the movie American Graffiti it was decided to create a show dealing with the 1950's. The first telecast was on January 15, 1974. The show was supposed to center around a high school Junior named Richie Cunningham and his two friends Ralph Malph and Potsie Weber. No one expected the secondary charactar of a hood named Arthur(Fonz) Fonzerelli to become so popular. In fact, Henry Winkler was originally 5th billing when the show began, and was moved to thrird, then second and finally first in 1980 after Ron Howard left. During the 1976-77 season Happy Days was the number one show on tv. In 1977 Richie, Postsie and Ralph began college at the Univ of Wisconsin in Milwaulkee. Richie to study Journalism, Ralph to study Optometry, and Potsie to study Psychology. This was also the year that Fonzies cousin Chachi joined the cast, and Richie began dating Lori Beth Allen. In 1980 Richie and Ralph were sent to Greenland with the army, and Jenny Piccolo was seen for the first time after years of being referred to, this was also the season that Joannie and Chachi started dating and Marions nephew Roger came. In the 1982-83 season, Fonzie fell in love with a divorcee named Ashley Pfister who had a daughter named Heather. Rogers brother Flip came to live with him, and Joanie and Chachi moved to Chicago to form a band(this was the lead in to Joanie Loves Chachi) Rogers Niece, K.C Cunningham then came to live with the Cunninghams. In the shows final season(1983-84) Joanie and Chachi came back to Milwaulkee and Fonz and Ashley broke up, K.C went back to Boarding School, and Flip returned home. Richie and Lori Beth (who had been married in 1980) returned with their son Richie Jr. and news of a new baby on the way. Potsie was working at Mr. C's hardware store, Fonzie had been co owner of Arnolds and the manager of Broncos Garage, and a shop teacher at the High School. Roger was then named Pricipal of the George S. Patton Vocational High School and Fonzie became the dean of boys. In the final episode all of the season regulars returned. Fonzie bought a house and adopted an orphan named Danny, and Joanie and Chachi were married. The final episode was aired on July 12, 1984.

Here is the cast list of Happy Days!!! 

Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham (1974-1980)

Anson Williams as Potsie Weber (1974-1983)

Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham

Tom Bosely as Howard Cunningham

Erin Moran as Joannie Cunningham

Scott Baio as Charles "Chaci Arcola (1977-1984)

Henry Winkler as Fonzie 

Don Most as Ralph Malph (1974-1980)

Randolph Roberts as Chuck Cunningham (1974-1975)

Beatrice Colen as Marsha (1974-1976)

Linda Purl as Gloria (1974-75) 
and as Ashley Pfister (1982-83)

Misty Rowe as Wendy (1974-75)

Tita Bell as Trudy (1974-75)

Pat Morita as Arnold (1975-76, and 82-83)

Al Molinaro as Al Delvecchio (1976-1982)

Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth Allen Cunningham (1977-82)

Denis Mandel as Eugene Belvin (1980-82)

Harris Cal as Bobby (1980-82)

Cathy Silvers as Jenny Picolo (1980-83)

Ted Mckginly as Roger Phillips (1980-84)

Billy Warlock as Flip Phillips (1982)

Crystal Bernard as K.C Cunningham (1982-83)

Heather O'rourke as Heather Pfister (1982-83)

The Theme song

I first started watching Happy Days in 1995 when MTV did a Happy Days
Marathon, to announce it's arrival on Nick at Nite, I have seen just 
about every episode, except the ones Nick at Nite skipped over from 
82-84, I have about 100 episodes on tape, and I have pictures from
the HD Online page, and I have autograhped pictures of Marion Ross, 
Henry Winkler, and Erin Moran and a letter from Erin Moran. My 
favorite episode is #232 "Turn Around and Your Home"

The first season used the song Rock around the clock, but the season
there after used this song.  

"Sunday, Monday happy days, tues, wed happy days, thurs, fri happy
 days, the weekend comes, my cycle hums ready to race to you.  These
 days are ours share them with me these days are ours happy and free.
  Goodbye gray skies hello blue, nothin can hold me when I hold you.
 Rockin and rollin all night long, feels so right it can't be wrong.
  Sunday, mon happy days, tues, wed happy days, thur, fri happy days. 
 Saturday what a day, groovin all week with you, these happy days are 
yours and mine happy and free these happy days are yours and mine
 share them with me, Happy Days

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