Matt Behnart- is a freshman in college. We were on stage
crew for theatre together. He is very very funny, zany, and 
outgoing. He has a tendency to break into the "George of
the Jungle song", he is obsessed with the movie Real Genius.

Scott Benhart- Is Matts older brother and attends Black 
Hawk college. He is so much like Matt that it is scary. He
was also involved in theatre, and is the one who dumped red
paint over my head when I was a freshman. He also has a 
strange obsession with Real Genius and drives an awesome 
black truck

Dan Remengaa- is one of my zany, wacky, theatre  and choir 
buds.  He is famous for his interesting hangman word choices
and taught me the games black magic and deep but not

Amy Hull- is my blond ditzy friend who is obsessed with
makeup.  She finally broke up with Mark, and now is dating a
great guy named Ryan

Lynn Palmgren- Is my wackiest, stupidest friend who needs
to be locked up for the safety of society as a whole.  She
is very funny and a true original. We love to go cruising 
through Geneseo with the windows down and the strereo up
full blast.  We like to listen to music and act really 
stupid dancing around esp to disco. Our fave pastime besides
wittling bread and butter(Big inside joke) is searching
for a certain blue car-or now black truck and the certain 
someone who is driving it:) She is also the co-Founder of
the Styrofoam peanut club.

Sarah Rupp- I have known her my entire life and our families
basically grew up together. She is a Freshman in college
and just moved to Colorado to attend school last year.
 We are complete oppisites and if i hadn't known her since i was a 
baby i'd prob hate her. She is the only person who knows what I mean
when I refer to Samantha and Elizabeth and the Time Travels
game that we used to play with our dolls and stuffed 
animals. She has the most adorable little half brother 
named Mikey who is 7 years old and would probably smack me
if he knew i had just written that.  


Jen Hackwith- is a music major at the univ of wisconsin in
Platteville. She loves the green bay packers, dancing, poms, 
and music. She has an awesome house located in Hidden Hills
in Atkinson, IL where she has lots of woods for parties,and
a mud volleyball court. We like to go fishing, mudding, 
drive aimlessly around the country roads of Atkinson,
Annawan, Hoopole, etc, and to go to Ladd to get chicken.  She is now
back together with Gabe, even though that is the guy that caused her
and Cindy to not talk for a year. She is now a UWP graduate and 
is currently teaching music in Galva.

Kathy Barber is a bilingual ed major who went to WIU for two years
and lived on my floor our freshman year, but she is now going to 
community college back in Erie, cause she marriedTim in November of 97

Wendy Peska-  was Molly's roommate, our first two years here. She is
now an RA at Bayliss.  
She is very funny, loud, and outgoing. We are
oppisites in a lot of way, but I love her to death. She 
likes The Packers, the color green, and frogs. She also
is madly in love with Mark Gagle. She is a great friend 
because even though we don't always get along and we tend
to disagree alot she is still willing to listen to my 
opinins without getting mad. 

Tricia Wallin- is yet another music major from Coal Valley
Il. She lives way out in the boondocks of nowhere( i know
this because i gave her a ride home once) she loves music, 
of any sort and is a very happy, perky, upbeat sort of 
person with a smiley face obsession. 

Sheri Funell- was Tricias roomate, but is now 
rooming with Tawnya in Molly and Wendys old 
room.   She is either an el ed 
or business major. She likes Pooh and the muppets and has
funky shampoo with beads in it. We tend to stay up all
night a lot and have had many interesting conversations. 
She thinks that i am a dork because i have Grease memorized
but in actuallity she is the dork :) update: Sherri is no
longer at WIU-she decided to move back home to Andover.

Tawnya McMillen-  lived on the 8th floor with me my soph year.
She now lives on Tanner 6.   

Mike Inkmann- Lived on the 7th floor of Wetzel 
last year, he now lives in Higgins. He is known for his
wacked up statements, that usually have nothing what so ever
to do with the conversation, he is an absolute Star Wars 

Sue Turciano- is my best friend and a junior spec ed 
major specializing in eduction of the blind at ISU. She is
from Shorewood Illinois but lived in Geneseo right next
door to me from kdg-3rd grade. We have stayed in touch 
all these years. Our families are very close, and she is
an awesome friend-even if she did throw my snoopy in 
a mud puddle, and ripped off my dolls head to throw in her
hedge:) We are total oppisetes in every way. She is loud,
opinionated, likes to play basketball, she has blond hair, 
and light eyes and is 5'11 tall. We have gazillions of
inside jokes and plan on road tripping somewhere this
summer, perhaps New Orleans, or New York.  

Mishelle Banas(Shelley) was  my really cool Ra, who was my
really cool PA my freshman year. 
She is now at Grad school in 
Missouri.    She is a really great and funny
person.  She has more stationary than anyone I have ever met
in my life, and envelopes to match it, I was just amazed by
that this past summer!!! 

Anne Forbes- Is one of my IHC buds. She was a bay/Henn rep 
and is now living in Linc/Wash and is the IHC/SGA Liason, we
also had an awesome time at NACURH 98!

Sarah Huffendick- is another friend I made during Nacurh. We also
lived in Corbin together over the summer and partied at Billy's

Then there are all the people i've met from living in Tanner( I
will just name them cause it would take way to long to write about
em all) Alli, Lisa, Jess, Dave, Chari, Jessie, Jason, Syd, Christy,
Larkyn, Alicia, Katie, Andie, Sara, Petra, Feryl, Frank  Trix and
Marvin.(to anyone I forgot-sorry)

Sarah Helms- is one of my oldest and best friends. she is from 
Wisc and her family lives next door to my great uncles old house
and every summer my family used to spend a week up there-visting 
relatives and I hung out with Sarah and her brothers Adam and Josh.
She is a Arts management major at UWSP and Adam is a graduate 
of the UWP and Josh just got married. 

Heather- is my closet pageant friend. We will be doing lots of 
pageants together this year and will have a blast. We are both
doing Cindrella nationals in Las Vegas and cannot wait!!!

Rich- is another IHC friend, he now lives off campus.

Pat- is yet another IHC friend, who also is no longer a member
and is now off campus,he is one of the nicest people I have ever met and 
and i'm sure he knows how I feel about him.

Molly Kennedy: she was Wendy's roommate our freshman and sophomore 
years(Wetzel 8) and was one of my closest friends. Then over the past
couple of years we grew apart, we both said and did things we
regreted and hurt one another. Recenlty we have started talking
again and have worked things out. Molly, if you read this I want 
you to know how glad I am to be your friend, you are such a sweet and
wondeful person, I feel so lucky that we have another chance at our
friendship. I know we may never be as close as before-but I am
just glad that we worked everything out and you and Wendy will always
be very special to me-no matter where we may go in life. I will
never forget all the great things you have done for me and all
the support you  have given me-you belived in me when no one else
did and you were always there to encourage and cheer me on. I feel
so blessed to have the two of you as friends, and I just wanted you 
to know how much I care about you. 

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