I came up with this idea awhile ago while talking to many different people. See, I've been dancing since I was four years old and it's my favorite thing in the world to do. A lot of my time is spent, practicing and thinking about dancing. I collect pictures, stories, figurines etc of dancers. Here at college I have about ten of my favorite dance trophies I have many many more at home and a lot more on display at my old dance school. It's hard to really explain what dancing means to me. Which i why I decided to do this page. I figured that there are probaly other people who may come to this page who have an interest in dance. There are no dance pen pal pages either. Therefore, if you would like to correspond with another dancer then simply send me your name, e-mail address, age, type of dance you do and how long you've been dancing along with anything else you want to tell everyone. I will put them on the page and whoever wants to write to you can. My e-mail is mubap@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu

Here are some people you can write to, remember this just 
started so there will be names added as time goes on. 

Adair- dillengerdave@hotmail.com
she takes classical ballet and has studied for ten years, 
and has studied pointe for almost three years. She is
fourteen, almost fifteen.

Sarah- dharper@ns.cooke.net
she is thirteen and from Texas.  She has taken dance for
eight years, and takes pointe, ballet, and jazz.  

Betsy Thomas age 17.  Has been dancing for 6yrs. 
She does tap, jazz, ballet/pointe, lyrical and hip
hop.  Her e-mail is Thomas@icok.net

Amy age 14. Has been dancing for ten years. She does
tap, jazz and ballet. Her e-mail is crnaryan@fuse.net 

Kendra age 11.  Has danced for seven years, does tap and 
jazz and used to do ballet. Her e-mail is paulryan@ftn.net

Karen age 14. She does stage dancing for plays now but
did tap and ballet in the past. Her e-mail is 

Amanda age 14. She does ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical
she has been dancing for 12yrs. Her e-mail is

Sue age 18. She has been dancing for 15yrs and does
tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and modern
Her e-mail is sceppaglia@elmira.edu

Sara age 14. She has been dancing for 9yrs. She does
ballet and jazz.  Her e-mail is WAD@badger.tds.net

Simone age 14 has been dancing for 7yrs.  She does tap
and modern.  Her e-mail is katza@icon.co.za

Kimberly age 13 has been dancing for 7yrs.  She does
ballet(balanchine theory), lyrical and is on her schools
show team.  Her e-mail is archlight@atlcom.net

Megan age 18 has been taking ballet for 13yrs, pointe for
7, tap for 12, and jazz for 10.  Her e-mail is 

Becky age 12. Has been dancing for nine years, jazz,tap
and ballet. Her e-mail is sunny1111@aol.com

Melissa age 15. Has done ballet for 13yrs and been on
pointe for 3.  Her e-mail is piglet1212@hotmail.com

Corrie Preston age 14. Has done ballet and tap for 10yrs
and pointe for two.  Her e-mail is aristrocats@hotmail.com
or ilovetocheer@geocities.com

Joanie age 13 has been dancing for nine years. She does tap, jazz
ballet, lyrical.  She has been competing since she was six in
Regionals and Nationals.  Her address is topher@ecis.com

Lisa has been dancing for 7yrs. She does ballet and lyrical.
write to her at theobapa@tri-town.net

Christie age 13 has been dancing for 8yrs.  She does ballet, tap,
jazz and modern.  Write her at Lee447@aol.com

Brian age 13 has taken tap for ten years, jazz for four and lyrical
and ballet for two.  Write him at BRIKISS@aol.com

Heather age 10 has been dancing for 8yrs.  She takes tap, jazz and
ballet.  Write her at hquillman@aol.com

Emilie Clark age 13. Has taken ballet for two years and jazz for one
and a half.  Write her at: elmocrazy@juno.com

Krystle 14. Has danced for 12yrs. Does tap, jazz, kickline, street 
funk, acro and is starting lyrical. E-mail DANCE707@aol.com

Larysa age 15. Two year member of drill team, is her teams Lieutenet, 
tap 2yrs, jazz 4yrs and ballet for 3yrs. Write her at: 

Courtney age 15, has been dancing for 13 yrs and studies tap, jazz 
and ballet. Her e-mail is LYXX28A@prodigy.com

Laura age 13, has been dancing for 10yrs and competing for 5.  
She takes ballet, pointe, clogging, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical,
kickline and acro.  Her e-mail is: Sunstreaks@aol.com


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