As an English Major I thought it only fitting to include a page of
various types of writings that I have read and enjoyed.  Please note
these are my opinions, if you disagree fine but dont' write me and
yell at me for my own opinions.  Thank you.  


The B is for Betsy Series-by Caroline Haywood

Betsy and Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace

Richard Scarry Books

AA Milne

Dr. Seuess

The Very Hungary Caterpillar

Good Night Moon


Clearwater Crossing Series- by Laura Peyton Roberts

Trash, Sunset Beach and Pageant-- by Cherie Bennett

Freshman Dorm- by Linda A. Cooney

Year I turned 16- by Diane Schwemm

Phillip Pullman

Heart Beats Series- Elizabeth Rees

Anne of Green Gables- Lucy Maud Montgomery

The All of a Kind Family Series

Little House Series

The Star Kaats

Louis Lowry- Autumn Street, Anastasia, Rabble Starkley etc...

Charlotte Sometimes

Lurlene McDaniel books

Old Yeller


I know why the Caged bird Sings-- Maya Angelou

F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise

Steinbeck- The Grapes of Rath, East of Eden

Jack London, Call of the Wild, White Fang



Civilwarland in Bad Decline

Winesburg Ohio- Sherwood Anderson

The Sound and the Fury- Faulkner

Books by the Bronte Sisters

Edith Wharton- Ethan Home and the Age of Innocence

Willa Cather-- My Antonia

To Kill a Mockingbird

Gone with The Wind

The Thorn Birds

North and South


Jack London- To Build a Fire

Poe- The Raven, Cask of Amantillado, Tell Tale Heart

Conrad Aiken- Silent Snow, Secret Snow

Shirley Jackson- The Lottery

Robert Penn Warren- Blackberry Winter

James W. Cain- The baby in the icebox

Tillie Olson- I stand Here Ironing

Fitzgerald- The Bridal Party

Harold Brodky- The State of Grace

OVERRATED BOOKS AND AUTHORS(this is my opinion-you need not agree)

1. Hawthorne, if I have to read The Scarlett Letter one more
time I will scream, this book was ok the first time I read it, but 
after being forced to read it three times, I can honestly say--
Who really cares what the A stands for? I"ve also read "The
House of 7 Gables and although it was a readable story, it isn't
one i'd be likely to pick up and read again.  

2. Hemingway, I have yet to read anything of Hemingways that I have
enjoyed, his "best" work, The old Man and THe sea, I found to be 
incredibly boring and hard to read and get interested in.  

3. Stephen Crane-- I cannot stand his writing, his most famous works
are The Red Badge of Courage, and his short story The Open Boat.  
I have read the Open Boat so many times, every sememster I end up
with a class where I have to read it, and I still do not like it 
at all.  

4. Lord of the Flies-- I am not saying this is not a good  book 
because it is, it is just not the best book ever written and it
is usually studied in too much detail by English Teachers. I had
to read this book for my Senior year of English and havign to sit
there and disect every little bit of symbolism, sure took the 
enjoyment out of the story.  

5. Great Expectations-- same reasoning as above.  

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