I am sad to report that on June 13, 1998 Alley died.  He was a great
cat and friend and will be  missed by his friends, family and 
neighbors.  I know he enjoyed having all of you come to his page
and all the mail he recieved.  He lived for 16 years and five 

Meow!!! Welcome to my page! I'm glad you could come and
meet me. My name is Alley.  I'm a big, 16yr old long
haired black cat with bright green eyes.  I have a long
fluffy tail and big black paws.  I reside in the town 
of Geneseo, IL where I live with my owner Beth and her 
grandma.  I had a sister named Punkey, but she died in
sept of 95.  Beth's grandpa used to live with us too, but 
he just died in Feb of 97, so now her grandma and I are
all alone here, so we keep each other company.  My owner
Beth is my favorite person in the whole world! She goes
to school at Western Illinois University where she is 
majoring in english. For more on her, see her own 
homepage.  So I miss her a lot when she is gone and am
very happy when she comes to visit. My favorite foods are
meow mix, pounce, ice cream, tuna, chicken, fish, peas,
cheese, and roast beef.  My hobbies are being brushed,
chasing string, playing with my blue bouncy ball, being
petted, purring, sitting on laps, acting cute, and being
nosy.  You can write to me in care of Beth, and please
sign my guestbook.  I have included lots of links to 
other fun cat sites around the net. Have a nice day 


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