This page has absolutly no purpose whatsoever, except I thought that maybe you, my wonderful viewers and visitors of my page would love a chance to read all kinds of amazing stories about my life. Or you can just laugh hysterically at the pure stupidness of some of the stuff I have done. I had a pretty interesting childhood, although looking back on it i'm surprised i'm not locked up in a mental ward somewhere. Being as how I did grow up in a neighborhood almost entirely overrun by boys. That and the fact that I was the youngest and incredibly small for my age. If I'm ever reincarnated as a dog, I think i'll know how to behave seeing as how I spent enough of my childhood acting like one. Well onward to the stories, I'm going to try to do these in a chronological age by age fashion and they will be updated, hopefully every Sunday. I can't update them every day because I do not have the time, I usually only come work on this page about once a week.

My first memory takes place at the age of three in Disneyworld. Let me say right here that i have spent the last 17yrs of my life wondering why in the hell my grandparents took me there at the age of three when I was to little to go on any of the rides or to remember anything. At the time it was the summer of 1980 and Space Mountain was just being built. I actually remember nothing of Disneyworld. There are pictures of me there, eating ice cream and meeting Mickey Mouse. Yet, I remember nothing. My only memory of what is supposed to be a majorly, exciting event in a childs life is feeding ducks outside our hotel room. The hotel we stayed at was located right on the beach and every morning at around six A.M. these ducks would begin honking and squacking. So every moring it was my job to feed these ducks bread. Yes, that is my memory of Florida and Disneyworld, feeding ducks.

I remember a day in preschool when we were going to put on a circus for our parents. It came time to choose who would be the trapzeze artist, which consisted of swinging on the bars on our swingset and wearing a pink and silver glittery outfit with a crown. So, I desperatly wanted to be that person, because hell what four year old girl wouldn't want a chance to prance around in a crown. There was just one problem my archemey Jenny Vermeire. This prissy little blonde girls with long curls that hung all the way down her back. The curls of which I was desperatly jealous of. Everyday we would fight over who would get to wear the costume and most importantly the crown. Until our teacher became sick of us fighting and said that another girl, Emily would be doing the part and we would just be clowns. Now Jenny decided that it was my fault she couldn't wear the crown so she decided to get even by spilling water on my drawing. I retaliated by grabbing her long blond curls and pulling them as hard as I could, ccausing her to run and tattle on me. We were both punished and although I got in trouble both at school and at home, it was worth it.

When I was five years old I met my best friend. She was the new girl that had moved into the house behind me. Just the fact that she was a girl in a neighborhood over run by people who were either over fifty or boys was enough to make me estatic. Now you have to bear in mind that up until my sophomore year of high school I was the smallest person in my class. When I was five years old I only weighed around 28 lbs. I can still remember almost everything about that day, I had just finished a tap dance class and as I usually did after class I had been running around in my basement trying to tap dance. It was a futile attempt for I had only been taking lessons for a few months. My grandma became impatient with the noise which my tap shoes made and sent me outside to practice on the cement walkway behind our house. So there I was wearing jeans and a white turtleneck with pink and purple flowers dancing around in my little black tap shoes. When I noticed that there was a girl watching me. This girl was tall, very, very tall with blond hair and blue eyes. There were two boys with her, one of them I recognized as Mike Williams who lived down the street from me, he was a third grader who was supposed to walk with me to school and make sure I got there and back ok, but took those instructions to mean, boss me around and pinch me if I didn't do what he said. I spent many years of my childhood with bruises on my arms because of him. I went over there and learned that the girsl name was Sue and she was in first grade and the boy was her brother Dave who was in the 3rd grade. Dave asked if we wanted to go bike riding and mike doing his duty of being an absolute jerk decided to announce that I was a little kindergarten baby who still had training wheels. So Sue took me by the hand and showed me her bike and aksed if I wanted to ride it, then she got her dad who came out and helped me ride it. After that we just became friends, she was my adversary the one who protected me and looked after me and would beat up anyone who bugged me. We were complete oppisites in everyway, yet also the best of friends. Even after she moved away in third grade we stayed in touch and now, 15 years later we are still friends.

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